Team Members

Jessica McKane

Senior Makeup Artist and Esthetician

“What I do is allow you to see the beautiful person others see when your beauty is enhanced. Whatever negatives you think you have are unseen when your positives shine. And feeling beautiful is beautiful!” – Jessica

Apparently, she was born with it.

Jessica has an instinct for the best skin care approach and an artistic ability that creates transformations so stunning, it may very well be a superpower.

If that sounds intimidating, you just have to meet her. She was also born with a warm personality that instantly puts you at ease.

  • Licensed Esthetician – Naperville Skin Institute
  • 13 years as a professional makeup artist
  • 8 years with a nationally-known artist-driven cosmetic company
  • Former Instructor – The Nail Inn and School of Cosmetology
  • Clients from LA to NYC and across Chicagoland

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