Skin Benefits of a Pumpkin Facial Mask

Pumpkin spice is everywhere this time of year— you can find it in candles, baked goods, and of course, coffee form. But did you know that pumpkins are more than just a tasty treat to eat? Pumpkins are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes that offer a lot of health benefits that can make your skin healthier.

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the ways a pumpkin facial mask can have your skin glowing like jack o’ lantern all autumn long.

Clears out excess oils and evens skin tone

The heat and humidity that is present in the summer can lead to a buildup of oil on your skin. The enzymes found in a pumpkin make for a great exfoliant that removes impurities from your skin. The exfoliation will clear out dead skin cells, which will brighten your skin tone and even it out for an amazing glow.

A PCA Skin Retexturize Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask from LuxeSkin Med Spa is the best way to give your skin a reset after a summer of fun in the sun!

As an added bonus, vitamins A and C, prevalent in pumpkins, stimulate the production of collagen, which helps reduces lines and wrinkles. That vitamin C also helps boost your body’s immunity, which will help prevent season colds as the season changes.

Helps protect against the sun

Summer is the time of year where we spend the most time out in the sun, which can take a on your skin’s health.

Fortunately, pumpkins are chock full of vitamins and nutrients that act as natural treatments that repair sun-damaged skin, and can prevent further damage.

Pumpkins contain large quantities of beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that is converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A supports skin health by keeping it moisturized. Beta carotene can act as a natural sunblock as well, although you should always apply sunscreen when spending a long time out in the sun.

Helps clear acne breakouts

We’ve all dealt with pimples with various treatments and creams, but the natural benefits of a pumpkin mask could clear your skin.

A PCA Pumpkin mask is made up of natural ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin. Antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients help clear the skin for a healthier complexion.

Pumpkin is a great source of B-complex vitamins, which improve overall skin health and can even reduce acne breakouts.     

And a bonus tip – if you’re looking for a snack that can help reduce your acne, snack on some pumpkin seeds. The zinc found in the seeds can help stabilize hormone levels and the production of oil in your skin.

Book a Pumpkin Facial today

No matter your skin type, you’re bound to benefit from a pumpkin facial treatment. LuxeSkin Med Spa, located in downtown Naperville, offers a professional-grade PCA Skin Retexturize Therapeutic Pumpkin Masks that even out skin texture, repair sun damage, and clear breakouts.

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