Prolong & Enhance the Effects of Your Facial Treatment with Our Additional Services

Advanced Treatment Booster (Starts at $20)
Increase Exfoliation and cell turnover with this retinoid booster that is designed for all skin types. It will sooth and reduce redness.

Dermaplane (Starts at $75)
Remove unwanted dead skin cells and smooth out your skin for a younger, brighter look with this exfoliating treatment!

Extractions (Starts at $30)
Enhance the customization experience of your facial with the addition of skin-purifying extractions.

LED Therapy (Starts at $30)
A painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin treatment that has multiple benefits.
Red Light- stimulates cell activity. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, cellulite, helps to heal Psoriasis and reduces redness.
Blue Light – Kills acne causing bacteria. Eliminates bacteria in the oil glands and decreases inflammation.

Lymphatic Drainage (Starts at $30)
Perfect Enhancement for those who suffer with sinus congestion, stress or anxiety. Improves circulation of blood & nutrients. Increases oxygen supply.
Helps to open sinus passages. Reduces swelling, is detoxifying, helps to reduce the look of fatigue.