Prepping Skin for Cold Weather

Frosty Trees

Yes, we know we’re still in the midst of fall. We still have Halloween to look forward to, and Thanksgiving isn’t far behind. But here in Naperville and the surrounding Chicagoland area, cold weather can strike. Starting in November, the average temperature will be in the low 40s. Snow isn’t even outside the realm of possibility (the earliest occurrence of measurable snow in the area was on October 12, 2006 — yikes!)

So now is the best time to start preparing your skin for cold weather, it’s going to be here sooner or later. It may even be here already.

In this blog, we’ll go over some tips to keep your skin healthy and prepared for the cold months ahead.

Continue moisturizing, but change up your products

November and December bring colder, harsher air that will dry out your skin if you stick with your summer skin routine.

If you haven’t yet already, now is the time to transition from an oil-free moisturizing lotion to a heavier cream. Moisturizing cream is thicker than those light summer lotions, so it creates a thicker barrier on your skin to protect it from the wind and drier air.

Luxe Skin Med Spa carries a variety of Natura Bisse products and facial treatments that will keep you hydrated throughout the winter.

Shorten your time in the shower and bath

While you’ll want to keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer, one place you’ll want to avoid moisture is in the shower.

We’re not saying to avoid showering, but what you will want to avoid is spending too much time in there. Heat from the hot water will actually dry out your skin, leaving it susceptible to harsher elements outside. When you do shower, make sure to moisturize after, and keep the water temperature lukewarm. 

Protect your skin from the elements

Even though it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean the sun’s rays can’t affect and burn your skin. Continue applying your trusted sunscreen if you plan on spending a lot of time outside.

If it is particularly cold outside, always make sure to cover up your skin that is most affected by the elements – your hands and your face. Gloves and a scarf will ensure your most sensitive skin that you’ve been taking care of stays protected.  

Keep your skin healthy and happy at LuxeSkin

LuxeSkin Med Spa in Naperville offers a variety of luxury spa treatments that will keep your skin feeling great through the upcoming cold months. A refreshing HydraFacial will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, as well as infuse antioxidants that will hydrate your skin.

We also carry a number of products you can take home to keep up with your skin routine when you can’t make it to the spa.

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